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Michael Jackson

            As the performer enters the stage with his bright, silk glove that covers the contour of his small, petite hand, he grips the microphone and starts to sing the hit songs that makes him famous. His high soprano voice shrieks through the heads of some, but for many, his music gleams. As he is singing, his explosive rhythm and wild footwork across the stage tantalizes the audience. His unique, queer style separates him from everyone else. This breed of singer draws fans from Miami, Florida to the British Isles all wanting to see who the thriller really is. From his decorative performance and his physical appearance onstage to his personality offstage, Michael Jackson has always been noticed by the media, fans and even those who dislike him and his music. .
             The stage is bright and full of colors that sting the eye suddenly. The smoke from his brilliant entrance begins to settle and dissipate into the stadium's ceiling. The crowd was stunned by the entrance and now start to progressively scream so loud that that the ear drums of many feel shattered. Michael begins to sing his second hit song of the night. His costume and hair are wild and bizarre. He dresses in a burnished gold long sleeve leather shirt that people wear only in .
             Los Angeles. His pants are midnight black, skin tight, but flared out at the bottom. This garment had to have been a disco favorite in the 1970's. His makeup seems to be more aflame than his clothing. Bright rosy red lipstick covers his mouth like Betty Boop. The teeth hidden away inside are bleached white and are aligned perfectly. The orthodontist was paid well. The nose is too perfect to be real. It was definitely chopped up like wood. His eyes are large, dark, and low- spirited which is totally the opposite of how he is. They are coal black and covered with several thick layers of makeup that have started to crack and crumble. If a tear is shed, it will be as if a river was rushing through the Sahara desert.

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