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Who is Responsible for Poverty?

             Poverty is a natural element of society. In fact, it has become so integrated in American culture, that working to eliminate it would require significant change from both ends of the socio-economic spectrum. Society's current social structure promotes the constant financial growth of the rich, and at the same time, drastically limits the economic gains available to the poor. This unfair system conditions the poor to feel worthless because of their continual inability to escape the cycle of hardship. .
             Will the poor ever be able to break away from incomes that are hardly enough to survive on? Sadly, the answer is probably not. Society is in desperate need of workers to perform necessary, but "menial" tasks. Wall Street businessmen and women still need trash collectors. But despite the obvious necessity of their professions, those working in these fields face endless adversity in terms of bettering their situation. Costly rent, long hours, and an already tight budget make saving even a small amount difficult. In fact, it has been suggested that impoverished living "involves more hardship and deprivation than life at the mercy of the welfare state." (p. 666). .
             These facts have created a subculture of defeat. Many members of society that can be labeled as poor demonstrate a level of severe depression that is well above the degree that requires a clinical referral. (p.658). The daily survival struggle that these people endure is not only exhausting, but is very difficult and disheartening. The system works against the poor, and the fact is that significant change would be nearly impossible and is highly unlikely. This knowledge provides little hope to those constantly fighting to avoid destitution. .
             The very corrupt welfare system does not provide a sufficient remedy to the problem of poverty. The United States welfare system is flawed; it does not reach everyone who needs it and fails to provide sufficient aide to its recipients.

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