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             Sleep is an essential part of our lives. Those who do appreciate and enjoy sleep often take it for granted. Those who cannot sleep yearn for it, but realize that they will never appreciate its full capacity. Sleep is a part of the human life that also has disorders that terrorize its victims. One such sleep disorder is narcolepsy, this disorder is a bit different from most disorders that disallow sleep, with narcolepsy you have no control of your sleep. Narcoleptics fall victim to a genetic disorder that makes it almost impossible to control the moments when you fall asleep. They live with knowing that at any time they are susceptible to an uncontrollable and personally embarrassing spell of sudden slumber. My research is aimed at identifying exactly what narcolepsy is, why it works and the certain available treatments of this disorder. The more we understand this disorder, the more equipped we are to deal with it in our lives as psychologists. The symptoms and qualifications for being a narcoleptic will be a large focus of this research only because I feel it important that we understand what qualifies someone as narcoleptic. It is often a misconception of the practitioner that the narcoleptic patient is a schizophrenic, perhaps with the information provided we will be able to avoid these misconceptions in the future.
             If there is one part of the life process that we as humans have a less than average understanding of , it is the mystery of sleep. Many of us take for granted the fact that sleep is a complex process that rejuvenates and restores our minds and our bodies. However, like every aspect of the life process, sleep does not present itself to be error free. Sleep comes with a long list of disorders and problems that can affect anyone at any point in their life. Some disorders are genetic and others are developmental but they are all equally horrifying for the victim.

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