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Night By Elie Weisel

            (OP Sent) During Nazi Germany over 6 million Jews were exterminated in concentration camps. (1) Germans exterminated Jews mainly because they were jealous and prejudice. (2) Many Jews, who survived wanted to notify the world of what has happened to their people, should never happen again to any people. A survivor of the Holocaust Elie Wiesel wrote a book called Night, which had literary elements such as (A) setting and (B) foreshadowing. .
             (Body 1) Setting is where and when the story takes place. Elie Weisel portrays setting in his book by describing the appearance, environment, and accent/dialogue. Elie talked about Auschwitz's first appearance seem some what good. The environment of concentration camp was brutal and harsh. All the Jews in the concentration camps had different accents in their languages.
             (Body 2) Foreshadowing is when you see the future with signs or feelings. Elie Weisel tells how people like Madame Schaister and Moische the Beadle foreshadow what was going to be of the Jews. Madame Schaister foreshadowed fire and furnaces, which later appeared as cremation machine. Moische the Beadle warned Elie's village of Sighet what was going to be the outcome of them. .
             (Conclusion) Literary elements such as setting and foreshadowing are portrayed in the book called Night written by Elie Weisel. Settings in these camps were harsh for the Jews. Jews tried warning each other village to village of what was happening but nobody listened. The outcome for the Jews who survived was good and they did their duty of notifying the world.

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