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Problems Caused By Air Pollution

             Some people think that air pollution is not harming the earth or the.
             people, but it is doing worse, by killing the earth and getting people sick. .
             Air pollutants are known to cause respiratory diseases,.
             cancer, and other serious illnesses. Air pollution not only threatens the.
             health and life of humans but also causes damage to the environment.
             First, air pollution causes a great deal of health problems. Wanting.
             clean air is a good reason because air that is polluted can damage human health. .
             In the United States many health problems have occurred because.
             of air pollution.For more than a decade, local.
             residents in the tri-state valley have claimed to suffer from health problems, .
             including rashes, respiratory problems and even cancers. .
             Also, air pollution causes a great deal of damage to the environment and.
             property. Lot of air pollution creates acid rain, which deteriorates things. .
             In conclusion, air pollution is killing the earth and its people. In.
             order to stop the killing of the earth and its people by air pollution, the.
             people must become involved. A recent strategy that has been suggested for.
             individual action is "green consuming" or buying "green" products (Gay 120-21). .
             Green consuming is buying or using goods and services that do not harm the air,.
             water, or land (Gay 121). Even though a large majority of Americans refuse to.
             buy products or pay for services that contribute to environmental problems,.
             people should still get involved (Gay 121). In order to save energy to save the.
             earth, people should do the following:.
             - When the lights are not in use, turn them off.
             - Instead of normal light bulbs, use compact fluorescent light bulbs.
             - On a short trip, walk or ride a bike.
             - Whenever possible, use public transportation.
             - To conserve heat or air conditioning, close off unused rooms.
             - To save fuel, adjust thermostat a few degrees lower for heating and.

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