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Objective Journalism: Oxymoron

             Allegations of a liberal media bias have plagued journalists for years. Journalists have been crying "foul" for the last thirty years against those who would throw the bias flag. .
             Through the development of more and more sophisticated mass communications, the news has become an immediate chronological record of society: our hopes, speed, progress, problems, joys, and disasters. Yet through the eyes of partisan journalists, the news, at best, provides a shallow and vague view of society. The typical nightly news covers only a fraction of the thousands of events that happen daily and the news highlights drama over reality, popularity over social significance, and comfortable repetitive reporting over insightful analysis. The question remains: how is it that something so superficial and paltry be so incredibly fundamental to our day-to-day lives? (Bennett 14).
             In this essay I will prove that bias in journalism does exist and that it always will. I will prove that it is not a "liberal" or "conservative" bias, but rather it is human nature. Through the media's choice of what to cover as news, I will demonstrate that objectivity will never couple with journalism. Objectivity is impossible for human beings to achieve. We are biased in everything that we say and do through past experiences and prior knowledge. I will accomplish my task through the use of studies, interviews, surveys and polls.
             Most people get their daily news from the television and newspapers. Until their eyes scan the headlines or their ears hear the breaking news from the news anchor's lips, .
             the news did not exist. Without a doubt, those who manage the communications world wholly influence what we even define as news, what we read and hear, and what we do not read and hear. Be it peace protestors, war in Africa, crime, new legislation, poverty, or budget cuts, few of us know the details of the news other than they are portrayed by the media.

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