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             Imagine what would happen if the world were to run out of oil. One of the many problems that would occur is that gasoline would no longer be available. This means that you would no longer be able to drive your car or take a bus somewhere. Planes would no longer be able to fly. Transportation will become more difficult and costly. According to the Department of Energy, Transportation accounts for two-thirds of the oil used in the U.S. According to a United Nations study, the world's oil reserves will run out by 2075. We need to come up with either a way to create artificial gasoline or cars that do not use gasoline. The easier way would be to create cars that do not use gasoline. There are currently a few types of cars in development that do not use gasoline. One type is an electric car, which is powered by batteries. This type of car is not very practical due to the many batteries you would need and the cost would be great. There are also cars powered by solar pane!.
             ls, but they do not work at night and are not able to travel as fast or as far as an internal combustion car. Another type of car is the hybrid car. This car uses a battery along with an internal combustion engine. The problem with this car is that it still uses gasoline. Hybrid cars use less gasoline than most cars, but we need to develop a car that uses no gasoline at all. The most practical car of the future is the fuel cell car. The fuel cell car will become the car of the future because of its zero or near-zero emissions and the fact that no gasoline is needed to power it. This paper describes how fuel cell vehicles will reduce our dependence upon oil and help to eliminate the pollution caused by internal combustion engines. .
             Advantages Of Fuel Cells.
             Pollution is a major problem in the world today. One of the major contributors of this pollution is the emission from internal combustion cars. These emissions are a major cause of smog in large cities.

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