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A Rose For Emily, Opposites Attract

             William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" is a story that depicts the life of a girl named Emily Grieson. The story begins at her funeral, and then goes on to a flashback of her life from the town's view. The two main characters from this story, Emily Grieson and Homer Barron, come from very different backgrounds and differences in their personality are found throughout the story. .
             Putting two people from feuding area's can always cause talk. Emily is from the south, and was brought up as a lady of high standings. She comes from a small southern town with lots of gossip. Homer on the other hand is from the north, which refers to the fact that he is from the city. Homer has come to the south to work on the destruction caused from the north. For the two of them to be together is poorly looked upon because Homer is "a day laborer"(75). The townspeople feel Emily has an obligation to her name.
             When it comes to their public behavior they are very contrasting. When Homer comes to town he quickly becomes well known. He is described as being a big man, with a big voice and always the center of attention. He conducts himself in such a way that draws attention from everyone. Emily is described as having a slender figure while she is young. The whole town knows of Emily, but she doesn't get out enough to know them. Emily keeps to herself, even more when her father dies. And with her great-aunt going crazy, it's acclaimed that she herself may have some mental illness.
             When it comes to relationships, Emily's only close relationship with someone is with her father. Although she loves him, there is a certain amount of regret when he drives every man away, because they aren't good enough for her. Her father is the only man she forms a strong emotional bond with. It's easy to see how much she needs him when she won't let go of his body, it is the only person she knows. Homer is known as a "man's man" who likes to go drinking with the boys.

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