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Osama BinLaden

             I don't agree with the Muslim extremist leader Usuma Bin Laden but in order to comprehend our nation's current state, we must realize why such a person would commit such heinous crimes against humanity to please his leader, himself, and his followers. In order to understand his ideals we look behind so-called enemy lines to see why he does this. I will inform the class how he influences his people, and why the United States disagrees.
             Body of Speech .
             I. Why does Usama Bin Laden commit these acts of terror on America and its people?.
             1.Back in 1979 during the cold war when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, bin Laden joined forces against the Soviet Union.
             a. Afghanistan received funds by the U.S. during the conflict.
             b. The U.S trained bin Laden during the war.
             c. After the conflict the U.S. pulled out and left.
             2. Another reason why bin Laden has such a hatred for U.S. is its infiltration into the holy land or the "land of the two Mosques.".
             a. During and after the Gulf War the United States occupied Saudi Arabia and set up permanent military presence in the region, which is also the "two most holy places in Islam" Mecca and Medina.
             b. Bin Laden feels that the U.S. should have no involvement in the Holy Lands of the Middle East.
             3. Usuma Bin Laden's people are constantly undergoing warfare in which he thinks is brought on solely by the United States.
             II. How does bin Laden influence his followers to justify these acts and some case carry them out. .
             1. He is seen as a hero and/or pope like figure to his people.
             2. His followers believe that Bin laden will lead them to a better life, and that terrorist acts upon the U.S. propel them.
             3. Bin Laden is much like any other religious extremist by taking excerpts from the Curran (Muslim bible) and exploiting them.
             III. Why will the people of America never understand Usama Bin Laden's viewpoints?.
             1. Many Americans do not understand the Muslim religion, and many Muslims belief that Bin Laden's exploitation of Curran is false.

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