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Paper On The Art Of Magic

             The Art of Magic has been practiced for several hundred years. It dates back to the ancient Egyptian civilizations. In the Bible, it is mentioned in the story of Moses, that the Pharaoh of Egypt had a few magicians. They were challenged by the "real magic" of God. The magic that these magicians practiced, was perhaps the type of magic I am going to talk about. Magic, can be defined as an act, which defies the laws of science and seems to be impossible or supernatural. Although magic seems to be impossible and out of the ordinary, it can be done by almost anyone who would be interested in learning the art. When beginning to learn magic, there are a few main rules that a beginner and on going magician should always, always follow. The general rules governing good magic which should always be kept in mind are:.
             1. Never tell beforehand what you purpose to do. Forewarned, the audience conceivably may discover the method. .
             2. Do not repeat a trick, unless you can duplicate the effect by other means.
             3. Practice, practice, practice, that's the only way to master the trick and not mess it up.
             4. Never, ever reveal the secret of the trick. Many good tricks are so simple that to reveal the method is to lower yourself in the estimation of the audience, which has given you great credit for a skill which you then confess you do not possess!.
             These are the main laws in the Art of Magic that many magicians abide to. There are many forms and varieties that magic has to offer, for example, there is coin, rope, card and other small miscellaneous objects in which magic can be produced from. This form of magic is known as close-up magic, for it utilizes small objects and is usually performed in the middle of crowds. There is also a larger scale of magical effects in which a magician uses large apparatuses to perform what is known as stage magic or illusions. .
             Overall, magic has been known for its great mysteries and its fun forms of entertainment.

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