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Plath Biography

            Sylvia Plath is a writer with a life that generated a lot of interest. The interest that followed Plath was a result of her highly personal writings that eventually lead into her suicide. Her works closely reflect her life, and by understanding the events in Plath's life her poetry and prose becomes clearer to the reader. Sylvia Plath became a sort of a martyr for women's rights. Since the Bell Jar had a female character that wanted more than her set female role, it is considered an early feminist text. She struggled to reach a professional goal and her main character, Esther sees herself as something other than a housewife. Her character endures struggle and criticism, similar struggles that Plath endures. Plath faces the balance of career, family, marriage, and her female position. .
             Aurelia Schoeber pursued a dual Master's degree in both English and German at Boston University. Aurelia had taken a class in German in 1929, and her professor was Otto Emil Plath. They fell in love and married and on October 27, 1932 Sylvia Plath was born. Otto Emil Plath continued to teach both biology and German at Boston University, his academic pursuits succeeded and much of his time was occupied with writing. Otto Plath died of diabetes mellitus and it was up to Aurelia Plath to return to work and support her two children Warren and Sylvia. Sylvia was always perceived as a bright, happy, and talented person. At an early age, Plath began to write poems and published her first poem at age eight and at the age of seventeen she was considered an experienced writer. Her first published work in 1950 was a short story in Seventeen magazine entitled, "And Summer Will Not Come Again" and later published a poem called "Bitter Strawberries". It was that year that Plath entered a Smith College on a scholarship and the following year won Mademoiselle's fiction contest in New York with her short story entitled, "Sunday at the Minton's".

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