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Presidents From Ohio

            The state of Ohio is commonly known as the Buckeye State, for its once vast expanse of this tree with in its confines. Yet a more striking characteristic about this state is that it has produced more presidents than any other in the nation. Ohio can lay claim to eight of the forty-two presidents this country have known. Although these presidents have served in varying time, the Gilded and Progressive Eras saw the Buckeye State gain its prominence in presidential grooming. Presidents W.H. Harrison, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, B. Harrison, McKinley, Taft, and Harding all are originally from Ohio. This begs the question, why if a state such as Ohio has been so prolific in producing presidents has this not become a source of visible pride for the state? The phrase, "It's not quantity, but the quality that counts" I believe helps answer that question. Presidents born in Ohio have been befuddled with horrible luck and often-unpleasant circumstances when they reach office. The history of untimely deaths, poor decisions, and difficult times has largely defined these men. The following will explore these eight presidencies and attempt to uncover why these Ohioans were sub-par commanders in chief. .
             I feel it is appropriate to begin with the Ohioans that never really had a chance to establish themselves in the White House before their untimely demises. President William Henry Harrison is the first of the Ohio Presidents inaugurated in 1841. This emergence for Ohio was short lived when President Harrison died of phenomena one month after his term began. This marked the auspicious beginning for Ohio and Presidency. Forty years later James Garfield, a native of Orange, Ohio, would be fallen a similar dubious fate.(1) Garfield narrowly won election in 1880 over Gen. Winfield Scott. Yet before he could accomplish any of his platform, he was struck by an assassin's bullet in Washington. Though the initial wound was not fatal, the poor medical service provided to Garfield exacerbated it and he died two and half months later of infection and internal memorizing.

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