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Progressive Presidents Timeline

              1908 William Howard Taft is elected president, and James S.
             The Supreme Court rules that an Oregon law instituting the maximum hours a woman can work is constitutional. .
              1909 The Smoking Opium Exclusion Act prohibits importing of opium for other than medicinal purposes. .
              1909 The NAACP was founded by W.E.B. DuBois.
              1909 Payne-Aldrich Act passedwhich lowered tariffs.
              1910 The Mann-Elkins Act is passed by Congress. It increases the power of the Interstate Commerce Commission and extends the Commissions power to include telegraph and telephone companies. .
              1910 The Mann Act is passed by Congress also known as the "white slave traffic act." It prohibits the transportation of women across state lines for immoral purposes. .
              1911 Standard Oil Company destroyed by Supreme Court by the Sherman Antitrust Act. Administration also effected the tobacco trusts and proceeded with many other antitrust suits. .
              1911 A Children as Bureau is formed within the U.S. Department of Labor to investigate and protection of maternal and infant health. .
              1912. New Mexico and Arizona became the last of the 48 states. .
              1912 President Taft won renomination by Republican Party but lost election to Democrat Woodrow Wilson. .
             Woodrow Wilson.
              1912 Woodrow Wilson runs as Democratic candidate for President of the United States and defeats William. H. Taft and Theodore Roosevelt.
              1913 Underwood Tariff Act which reduces average tariffs.
              1913 Federal Reserve Act establishing a system of Federal banks.
              1913 The 16th Constitutional ammendment dealing with income taxes.
              1913 The 17th Constitutional ammendment dealing with the direct election of U.S. Senators.
              1914 Wilson declares U.S. neutral after outbreak of World War I in Europe.
              1914 Federal Trade Commission established. .
              1914 Clayton Antitrust Act passed.

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