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Prosperity And Depression

            The good economic times of the 1920's and the bad economic times if the 1930's. The New Deal permanently increases the role of government in our lives. As the WWI end in 1918 and we failed to join the League of Nation in 1920. Also Harding was elected for president. This time was the post war depression and many social changes were made at this time. During this era, it was a time of prosperity changes on America or known at the roaring 20's. Some of the social changes are: revolt in moral and manners changes for women (new industries)-behavior and appearance, home appliances, auto, airplane, radio, fads, sports, prohibition or also as stop the sell of alcohol-organized crime, big time movies, jazz, and Harlem Renaissance or as a rebirth of African American's culture. Also in the 1920's America return to normalcy or as return to the old ways. Then in 1923's, President Harding dies. He was a horrible president and let big businesses run the country. During that period, the scandals with Harding, The Red Scare with communism coming to America, immigration restriction as in decreasing the number of immigrant going to this country and the Ku Klux Klan which is a white group with racial prejudice against other races. Then in 1925's the Scope Trail. It was about this professor who teaches evolution in school and he was charge guilty for it. This was the biggest trial at the time. In 1927's, Lindberg Flew across the Atlantic Ocean. He did this because it was a competition to see the first Solo man to fly across the ocean. He did this for money, not for fame. During the same year, the stock market was booming because new industries lead to overproduction so the prices are low and affordable. Then easy credit and advertising lead to overspending. After one year, Hoover is elected for president. After the second year of Hoover presidency, the stock market crashes in 1929's. Then the depression begin or as bad economic time.

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