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Vale Tudo

             Choke is a documentary about Rickson (pronounced Hickson) Gracie and mixed martial arts. Rickson Gracie is a Brazilian fighter with a black belt in judo, karate, and jiu-jitsu. He held a record of more than 350 wins with no losses in mixed martial arts competition. In Choke they go into the training of Rickson and his previous matches. The main story though is the tournament he is to go in; where many believe he would have his first loss. Also there are two sub stories about two other fighters who will be in the tournament. After winning that match he got a few minutes to rest until he had to face Rickson. He ended up loosing, but after the match mentioned how he would be interested learning Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.
             The other sub story is about Koichiro Kimura, a Greco Roman National wrestling champion. He had only participated in shoot fighting matches previously. This was his first time involved in a competition with the rules of Vale Tudo; he too would be involved in the tournament. He ended up losing in the first round to Tom Hayes, but got a second chance when Tom Hayes got injured and decided not to fight. He faced Wayne Emmons in a qualifying match; he beat Emmons by submission (choke), after the match .
             They go into the story of another fighter who is to be in the Japan Vale Tudo tournament named Tom Hayes. He is named Tom Hayes, a former football player and a kick boxer. He was trying to get enough money to be able to fund himself for lugging in the Olympics. He had a trainer who seemed very confident of him winning. Tom was a strong striker with a lot of power he ended up winning one match at the Japan Vale Tudo tournament. He beat Koichiro Kimura by submission (choke) in the first round of the tournament. But he ended up injuring his shoulder. He decided not to continue also considering his next match was Rickson, plus he had already gotten enough money for lugging.
             The movie shows Rickson training with his brother Royler Gracie who is also in mixed martial arts competitions.

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