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Roman Fever

             Subtle story of envy and revenge.
             Two wealthy American widows lunching in a restaurant in Rome with a view of the Palatine and the Forum. It was during Spring time.
             Tow women who have been envious of each other lives met again in Rome and were reminiscing about their girlhood days spent there. Mrs. Slade reveals to Mrs. Ansley that she was the one who sent her the note from Mr. Slade, asking her to meet him at the coliseum. Ms. Slade was jealous of Mrs. Ansley and wanted to keep Mr. Slade at any cost, including letting Mrs. Ansley catch Roman Fever. Mrs. Slade realizes that her plan had filed and that Mr. Slade and Mrs. Ansley did meet that night. But Mrs. Slade still felt she had ultimately won because she ended up with Mr. Slade for twenty-five years whereas Mrs. Ansley only had him for a night. However, Mrs. Ansley dealt her the crushing blow by revealing that the one night with Mr. Slade produced Barbara, her daughter. .
             Alida was described as and vivid. Mrs. Alida Slade, described as articulate and clever with a dash of vividness. She was brilliant, outspoken and a bit mischievous. .
             Mrs. Grace Ansley, a museum specimen who is charming and distinguished but old fashioned. Had a one night stand with Mrs. Slade fiancé, Delphin Slade, twenty-five years ago.
             Barbara. Mrs. Ansley's daughter by Mr. Slade. Vivacious and dynamic.
             Jenny. Mrs. Slade's daughter was described as an angel.
             Mr. Delhin Slade. Alida's husband was a corporation lawyer.
             Mr. Horace Ansley, Graces husband.

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