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Report On Barbara Moss

            Barbara Moss wrote "Change Me into Zeus's Daughter" which tells about her life growing up with an abusive and alcoholic father. If something were not well in her father's life he would take it out on Barbara or her mother. Her father would come home drunk on various nights at three o'clock P.M. and would wake up everyone in the house. He would make everyone clean house and was cars. Sometimes the eight kids would only get a few hours of sleep before they were awaken to do house hold chores which would sometimes last until morning when they would have to go to school. One time Barbara's father shot the family dog and also a pony, which they had only had for a very short time.
             Her book, "Change Me Into Zeus's Daughter", starts out with her father leaving to go to Pennsylvania in hope of getting a new job, which he had recently lost. His brothers lived in Pennsylvania and he was hoping that they could help him get a job. Apparently Barbara's father did not get a job and never sent home any money for the family of eight kids. They soon ran out of food and Barbara and her family had to move in with their Aunt Janet for a year.
             Barbara as a child did not have a beautiful face. She had many painful operations to get her face to look as it does today. As a child she wanted a beautiful face and a beautiful life, which she did not have in her childhood. Growing up she had no medical or dental care.
             Barbara went to art school and is a visual artist. Many of her paintings have been in well-known magazines and have been bought from her. Even though Barbara grew up in her family with all the bad memories of her father, she has forgiven him. Her mother was very forgiving also and she would forgive him the day after he would get drunk. She was a very loving person and would shave her husband's face every morning before he went off to work. She did this every day that they were married. Barbara feels that if her mother could forgive him than she could also.

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