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Of Revenge

            The essay written by Francis Bacon, "Of Revenge", spoke of something that most of us already have known about. However, what we know we should do, we don't always do. Therefore it serves us as a reminder that revenge, although it may be sweet, may not always be the best route taken. When asked to respond to this reading as a piece of literature I would say it was well written, but hard to follow for the average person. Bacon's inference to various topics required the reader to be equipped with background knowledge of those topics, and, if the reader was not, the essence of the piece was not fully conveyed to the reader. The writing would be inefficient in making a significant change in the behavior or thought of the modern reader. Therefore, I would say this piece is a product of its time and, even though the writer has committed himself to change the mindset of any person, it is essentially only applicable to a person who is aware of the terminology used during Bacon's time.
             Although having a universal theme that crosses many boundaries, the writing would therefore be ineffective in today's modern society.
             The theme of revenge can be applied to today's current events on the topic of Osama Bin Ladin. He was apparently trying to get revenge on the United States for whatever it has done to him and his people. The United States, therefore is seeking revenge on Bin Laden, and his supporters. According to Francis Bacon, the US should pardon Bin Laden and be superior. Is pardoning really the superior choice? Should the United States back down and let it be attacked? Obviously, in this situation, revenge, in my opinion, and in many others, is the wisest choice. Therefore, I feel that Bacon's advice, although virtuous, is not always applicable, and is too idealistic.
             In conclusion, revenge means different things to different people. To someone, it maybe used for comfort, but for others, like in the case of the United States of America, it serves as a warning to the wrongdoers, and is absolutely necessary.

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