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Review Of "Chicago" On Broadway

            The stage is set in the late 1920's, a time period in which City life was changing rapidly along with its citizens. This era was daring, flashy and dramatic, and the cast of Chicago portrays this well. As soon as the curtains open and the stage is brought to life, it is evident to the audience that the cast is there to "Razzle Dazzle" them with "All that Jazz". The plot revolves around murder, greed and vanity and, although it becomes dragged out at times, none the less it is entertaining.
             The casting directors did a phenomenal job, because all the voices of Chicago are strong, powerful and beautiful. The opening musical number - "All that Jazz" is sung by Diedre Goodwin(Velma Kelly), who's voice is almost mesmerizing. Belle Calaway, who plays Roxie Hart, also has a voice that carries feeling and reaches the people in the back row of the theater. The lead male, Clarke Peters (Billy Flynn), delivers every line he sings with a tremendous amount of feeling and shows great stage presence. Aside from great voices, the cast of Chicago dance their hearts out for their audience. The choreography and staging is done superbly. All of the actors fall into place and are in sync with each other. "Cell Block Tango", a number performed by Velma and the girls exhibits the talent of the actors in regards to singing, dancing and synchrony, not to mention, it also humors the audience. The dances, performed by very obviously fit ladies and gentleman, adhere to the music and the time period and are a huge part of the setting. A music lover should definitely attend a performance of Chicago, because dance and music are the substance of this play. On the other hand, one who seeks drama and truly moving performances should opt to stay home. This musical is done well, yet it lacks drama and performance aside from the music. There are no real monologues or scenes between characters without song and dance.

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