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The Dragons Village

             In Yuan-tsung Chen's novel, The Dragons Village, Chen elaborates on the events that occurred during the years of the Chinese Communist Revolution. The "Land Reform" and the distribution of the land brought hope to millions of Chinese peasants that have been fighting poverty and feudalism. Ling-Ling, the narrator of the novel is a seventeen- year old girl who has lived in moderate wealth her whole life. The novel describes her experiences throughout the land reform. With the influence of her old friend, Ma Li, Ling-Ling decides to join other cadres to help carry out the reform. Going from a life of wealth and security, to a life of utter poverty, Ling-Ling experiences the hardships of peasant life and the difficulties of becoming a cadre. .
             In 1949, the communists had formally established the Peoples Republic of China. This was a very crucial event because China, being one of the most heavily populated countries in the world, had turned communist. In May, the fall of the Hangzhou cut the railway heading south. War broke out between both North and South Korea and the American army was involved. The American army was already in the North Korea and getting closer to the Chinese Border. Many Chinese were afraid that the radicals would take over and tighten business controls. Like Ling-Ling's family, many Chinese were leaving the country for fear of their lives. The government called for volunteers to help carry out the reform. The Civilians cadres would have to help with the confiscation of land from the feudal landforms, and share the land among the peasants. Along with hundreds of the other cadres and work teams, Ling-Ling headed to Xian where she would spend a day of relaxation and enjoyment before heading out to work. From Xian, the work teams dispersed to their different villages throughout North West China. Ling-Ling and Malvolio Cheng, another cadre, were sent to the village Longxiang.

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