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Value of a Civilization is Reflected in its Arts Rather Than

            Art is a science of creativity and Science is an art of analysis and applications of physical Laws.Hence art and science are two sides of the same coin.The worth of a civilization cannot be truly determined by undermining either art or science because while art reflects the emotional maturity ,science depicts the mental acumen of the people constituting the civilization.
             Art and science are interdependent.The art of painting flourished when the science of making dyes and colors developed.the art of music thrived because the science of "sound" progressed.The art of architecture prospered only when the science of civil construction strengthened.Even today,advancement in acoustics,music technology,chemical and fabrication engineering etc.is facilitating the development and practice of art.
             Can we afford to disparage the scientific achievements in the fields of building construction,city planning and so on ,of the Mohenjo-Daro and harappan civilizations?The aesthetic appeal of the pyramids and sphinxs of the ancient egyptian civilization enchants us even today.Don't these monuments potray the keen scientific insight of it's builders?The awesome frescos and temples of the ancient aryan civilization in india leaves us astounded.However,the 2 gifts of this civilization that we treasue the most are-ayurved-science of medicine and the digit-zero (Can u imagine numbers without zero?) . Similarly,the pythagorean theorem and euclidean geometry of the greek civilization strikes us the most ,it's wonderful paintings and redoutable sculptures notwithstanding.
             Recent history has accounts of so many artists whom we truly defer and venerate for their distinguished creations-Pablo picasso,Beethoven,Mozart,leonardo -the-Vinci,Augustes Rodin and many more.The symphonies,Monalisas,Thinkers created by them are the most valued possesions of our civilization.Nevertheless,had there been no electricity,no bulbs,no telephones,no telescopes,no theory of gravity nor any theory of relativity,no computers -would the Future generation consider are civilization as intelligent and advanced?.

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