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Henry V

            In Henry V, Shakespeare uses Henry to show that a leader must.
             put duty and fairness above friendship. King Henry has been known as a wild.
             misfit, and someone who has no regard for the world around him, as it is shown.
             in Henry IV, Part I, and Henry IV, Part II. He is an irresponsible drunk and the people of England question his ability to control and reign the throne when hisfather dies.
             He has a poor selection of friends, they all a drunks, thieves,dishonest.
             and cowardly. Henry's father, Henry IV, suggests that Hotspur, the son of his.
             enemy and rival to the throne, would be a better candidate for the throne than.
             Henry. Henry is appalled at this thought and now is out to kill Hotspur. He does so at the battle at Shewsbury, while saving his fathers life. Shakespeare doesthis as to set the tone for Henry's character and his ability to reign and be a good leader in Henry V. .
             Shakespeare continues this questing of Henrys ability in Henry IV,Part II. During this play, as well, Henry is still a rebellion and still is close with isdistasteful companions. Although Henry killed Hotspur and momentarily showedhis ability to lead and become a king, his father still doubts him. As his father nears death, Henry assures him that he can handle the responsibility of being the next king. His father tells him two very important pieces of advise if Henry is to become a good and just king. He must listen to trusted advisors, and he must unite the English lords through a foreign war. Shakespeare uses that to foreshadow what Henry must do to become a good king, in Henry V.
             At the time when Henry becomes king, Shakespeare gives hints that the.
             people are questing Henry's ability and responsibility to become a king. In Henry IV, Part II, Henry shows his advisors that he can be a good king and mend his drunken ways. When he is crowned king of England, Falstaff, his closest friend comes to him expecting King Henry to pardon him and welcome him.

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