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Teen Suicide

            Some people think the only way out is to end their life. They aren't realizing how badly they will be missed. It can be started by just cutting but that is not enough soon, they just want to end all of the hurt, pain, and anything else in their life. There have been more teens committing suicide than that anybody being killed by AIDS, smoking, drunk drivers, crashes put together. That is pretty bad that teens were brought into this world and they do not even value or care about their lives. .
             Suicidal people, like all of us need love, understanding and care, you can not just say, "Well if your thinking about suicide or going to do it, then, I am not going to get in the middle of it or even be around you anymore." Then they are more likely to do it when no one will talk to them or be friends with them. People usually do not ask "others if they are considering suicide" directly to their faces, but, they may behind their back. Isolating suicidal people increases the isolation they feel and they likelihood that they may attempt suicide. Asking if they are feeling suicidal has the effect of giving them permission to feel the way they do, which reduces their isolation. If they are feeling suicidal, they may see that someone else is beginning to understand how they feel. .
             Do not try to "rescue" them or take their responsibilities onto yourself, or be a hero and try to handle the situation on your own. You can be the most help by referring them to someone equipped to offer them the help they need, while you continue to support them and remember that what happens is ultimately their responsibility. Get yourself some support too, as you try to get support for them. Do not try to save the world on your own shoulders because then chances are you might start to feel the same way they do and not realize it. If you are wondering, no you are not at risk. Having thought beforehand of several people to approach would help.

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