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Telémakhos, The Odyssey

            In his translation of The Odyssey, Robert Fitzgerald portrays Telémakhos as a rational, striving, yet disdained gentleman. Telémakhos' ambitions are confirmed by his desire to unbind the mystery of his lost father. A vast amount of his nearby society do not agree with his proposal. Nevertheless, the sensible and eager young man begins his journey. .
             The author first introduces Telémakhos as a man of wisdom. Fitzgerald constantly refers to him as the "Clear-headed Telémakhos."" (2, 25). A later establishment demonstrates how "Telémakhos replie[s] with no confusion- (2, 28) to Antinoos. Fitzgerald implies the high wit of Telémakhos by utilizing different word associations that introduce his speech.
             On the contrary to the author's opinion on Telémakhos, the other characters condescend and insult him. Antinoos exemplifies this behavior by openly displaying his feelings of distrust for the young man. He believed that Telémakhos would "want to shame [him], and humiliate [him]- (2, 21). Antinoos further contributes to his discontentment on him by blaming his "own dear, incomparable cunning mother."" He additionally expresses that "for three years now-and it will soon be four- [his mother] has been breaking the hearts of the Akhaians, holding out hope to all, and sending promises to each man privately -but thinking otherwise- (2, 22). Antinoos does not stand in solitude with his negative ideas on Telémakhos. A "young top lofty gallant- supports Antinoos by voicing that "Telémakhos has a mind to murder [them]- (2, 28). Another complies with this statement by predicting that "He might be lost at sea, just like Odysseus, knocking around in a ship, far from his friends- (2,2!.
             8). Furthermore, this man sarcastically verbalizes "what a lot of trouble that would give [them], making the right division of things!- (2, 28).

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