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Mary Rowlandson and Olaudah Equiano narratives

            Could there be any similarities or differences between two narratives written by two different persons; facing different kind of adversities? It is possible to find both similarities and differences in two narratives relating two different kind of events. In the narrative of the Captivity by Mary Rowlandson and in the narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano written by the same one; the reader was able to find similarities and differences as well. .
             There was similarities between the two narratives. In the narrative of Rowlandson and in the narrative of Equiano both characters experienced up and downs through the whole narrative. Rowlandson starts with the death of her son and the separation of her two other children. Afterwards she starts to interact with the Indians she realized that they are not bad after all. The Indians treated her well and she stops fearing them. One of Equiano's down was when he was separated form his family and his sister. Afterwards he was taken into a house as a slave. In that house he was treated good and with a lot of respect at the end he started to like the people in the house because they made him feel comfortable. Another similarity is that both characters faced adversities alone. Rowlandson did not had her kids by her side when she had to surmount the obstacles that were presented to her. Equiano was alone as well when he was taken into slavery. He went through his problems alone. Both characters went through ups and downs alone, with nobody to rely on. Obstacles surmounted by each character taught them a personal lesson.
             There was differences in both narratives as well. The narratives were written from a different perspective. Rowlandson experience the pain of losing her children while Equiano experienced the pain of losing his parents. Rowlandson felt devastated for being separated of her children. She had to deal with the desperation of knowing that she had children to look after.

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