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The Fugitive

             Richard Kimble, a vascular surgeon who is wrongfully accused for the brutal murder of his wife (Sela Ward), and therefore sentenced to be executed. After escaping from a bus crash/trash collision, he finds himself running from the Chicago police and especially the U.S. Marshall service, led by Lt. Gerard (Oscar-winner Tommy Lee Jones). At the same time, Kimble attempts to prove his innocence and in turn discover who did kill his wife. What ensues is are a whole bunch of medical conspiracies, along with a search for a notorious "one-armed man." Throughout this entire investigation Kimble stumbles across many different clues that lead to point him in the right direction but he is slowed down because of the pursuit of U.S. Marshall, Lt. Gerard. In the end Lt. Gerard becomes the hunted and is saved by Kimble, who then is sought innocent by the FBI.
             Throughout this entire movie there are many acts of deviance, but the most obvious one to me is homicide. Even thought many statistics show that the majority of homicides come from those of lower class status, in this movie Dr. Kimble a wealthy well-known doctor was set up in the murdering of his wife. Statistics also show that 61% of homicides are committed by a friend or a acquaintance. It so happened that the one-armed man had met Dr. Kimble some how through the work place. A more specific kind of deviance that is portrayed in this movie is Corporate Deviance. Since Dr. Kimble was set up by a fellow employer for the murder of his wife, which is considered an act of deviance against a fellow employer. Dr. Kimble some how was a threat to this employee so the employee felt the need to do whatever it could to get rid of him. Since there is so much competition today within businesses to succeed, people will go to far lengths to do whatever it is to make it to the top. I believe this movie portrays not just the obvious act of deviance (homicide), but also the main reason behind why the homicide was even committed (Corporate Deviance).

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