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The Effects Of Stereotypes On Communication And Interaction Between High School Students

            The Effects of Stereotypes on Communication and Interaction between High School Students.
             Stereotypes are predictive generalizations about people or situations (Wood, 43). The media has become a strong influence of the way people view each other and how we communicate. As a result of the impact the media has had on society, stereotypes have become the main focus of several Television shows and movies. As a recent high school graduate, I am aware of the typical teenage stereotypes that exist today. There is one movie in particular that many consider a classic of teen stereotypes. The movie " The Breakfast Club" clearly portrays one of each of the well-known classifications including: The nerd, jock, princess, criminal, and basket case. .
             Many are quick to judge others based on their looks, but what is lost is the awareness of the uniqueness of the individual person (Wood, 93). Stereotypes may be accurate or inaccurate. In most cases stereotyping can result in negative actions. For example, In "The Breakfast Club", the stereotypical loser, Johnny Bender, is treated inferior by the two popular characters. Brian, the nerd, is treated as though he does not exist. .
             In a high school setting, the way that students view each other determines the way that they will interact. For instance, in the first scene of the movie, while the students are in the library, Claire and Andrew sit together. The punk Johnny, and the nerd Brian, sit alone. And Alison, the antisocial weirdo, sits away from the others with her back turned to them. Because of the way Johnny looks Claire and Andrew talk down to him and don't take the stories of his horrible home life seriously. When he tries to explain what it is like to live at his house, they think he is lying to keep with his image. But in the same breath Johnny makes fun of Brian's home life. He automatically assumed that because Brian is very smart and well behaved; then his family is perfect.

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