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The Poetry Of Langston Hughes

             The poetry of Langston Hughes was a great inspiration to people everywhere. It publicized a hunger for freedom in the hearts of many Americans who had been oppressed by the government. Through his poetry he gave people the courage to stand up for their rights. African Americans could finally take a stand against oppression because they developed a sense of pride for whom they were, and wanted to see justice demonstrated in society. Langston Hughes's poems, "Children's Rhymes-, "Cross-, and "Dream Deferred- express his dream of liberty and justice achieving a better life for African Americans during the 1920s.
             Hughes's poem, "Children's Rhymes- conveys a sense of inequality even children felt, as a line in the poem suggests. "Lies written down for white folks ain't for us a-tall: Liberty and Justice Huh! For all?-(Brown 1). This line especially speaks of the obvious contradiction of the American promise of liberty and justice (Brown 1). It also states the political disadvantages of African American people at the time (Brown1). These children are rebelling by labeling all government officials and white people as liars, when they say that all American people are equal and justice will be served. Rebellious feelings were very prevalent among the persecuted African American community. This poem spoke not only of Hughes's feelings but every African American's feelings toward an unjust society. .
             The poem "Cross- speaks of two different worlds both being hard to enter for a mulatto child being neither completely white or black. Hughes was intrigued by the dilemma of people passing for one race or the other and not just being who they are, mulatto, because better opportunities were offered in a white world (Hughes 263). The boy in the poem could not find his place because of racial injustices which were inflicted upon Americans during the time. The people in the white world did not accept this child as being one of them because people were afraid of what others would think, and this was why justice was not served.

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