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The Religious Government

             Primitive human civilization came to be around 5000 B. with the beginning of agriculture, and primitive religion came to be around the same time. Since its creation religion has always took a strong hold on how humans interact with nature and with each other. Religion and politics have always been a part of human existence. It exists in everything from yearly festivals to the daily routines of a society. Religion has guided society's view on women, the social structure and how a governing body is maintained. Many of the old theologies present man originally in paradise until the creation of women. In the Bible, it was Eve who tempted man to eat the forbidden fruit and in Ancient Greece, it was Pandora, the first female, who let loose the evils of the world and brought strife to mankind. This then would justify the view in society of why women are not equal to man and why they are not given the same rights and liberties as man. Presently, we assume that our political structure is separate from our religious one, but these two subjects in society have always been intertwined. Religion affects politics as much as politics affects religion, no matter what civilization it is from either past or present. .
             In Ancient Egypt political policies as well as daily routine was formed around the worship of divinities. Egypt possessed a very complex governing body and in it there existed chief judges of courts, governors, and kings. The king was considered chosen by the sun god himself to rule over the people. He spent an immense amount of money from the treasury to build massive temples and on festivals for the gods. During a festival, the king "brought the first fruits and his harvest to the servants of the god; he avoided what the god hated, and took care of the animal beloved by the divinity" (Erman 272) . As well, the judges and governors were assumed to possess a greater wisdom than a common citizen.

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