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The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

             The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by Samuel Taylor .
             Coleridge, deals with the Mariner's alienation from the .
             subsequent reconciliation with the natural world. The .
             Mariner's shooting of the albatros suggests his .
             alienation from natural life because the albatros is a .
             symbol of good omen. As a result of killing the .
             albatros only bad things will come. What seems to make .
             the albatros fall from the Mariner's neck and leave him .
             momentarily free is reconciliation, meaning a change .
             from bad to good. This symbolizes that the Mariner has .
             finally come to realize the natural life as well as the .
             rest of his surrounding.
             The Mariner is alienated from the natural world .
             because of the shooting of the albatros. He didn't .
             have any premeditated thoughts about killing the bird. .
             The Mariner just acted on impulse and didn't even .
             consider what may arise from his actions. One way to .
             look at the albatros is as a guiding spirit. The .
             albatros always kept an eye on the Mariner and watched .
             over him from the sky.
             The Mariner becomes reconciled with the natural .
             world. The Mariner blesses unaware "happy living .
             things", when a spring of love gushed from his heart. .
             The result of this blesssing is a change in the Mariner .
             from bad to good. When the albatros falls from the .
             Mariner's neck it shows that the spell is broken and .
             the Mariner is free again. He no longer is cursed with .
             a bad omen from the killing of the albatros.
             The moral significace of the Mariner's contrast .
             response to living things were on two different levels. .
             On one level the Mariner sees himself and only himself .
             above everyone and everthing. On the other level were .
             all the other creatures on the natural world. In part .
             II, the Mariner describes the creatures of the ocean in .
             a negative perspective; "slimy things did crawl with .
             legs upon the slimy sea"(125-126). The difference .
             between part II and part IV, is that part II is .
             negative and had nothing to do with the Mariner and .

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