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The Woman's Temperance Union

            The Women's Christian Temperance Union.
             Historically many women devoted their whole life to their families and societies. The only name they could use in public was the family name or the husband name. They even had no right to vote since the vote unit was the family at that time. In other words, the opinions of fathers and husbands were their voice. Women personally thought and feelings were neglected and were not paid great attention. .
             Part I: The Emergence of a Popular Women's Consciousness.
             The great thing was women woke up an in18th century. They wanted to have some voice in the public sphere. They could no longer allow and be the one who waited for someone else to make decision for them.
             "The emergence of a popular woman's consciousness of difference from, and antagonism to, men, developing through four phases of women's religious activity, from the mid eighteenth century through the late nineteenth century." .
             The first phase was the Great Awakening of 1740-44. However, women looked familiar to follow someone else decision in their life and wait for a leader to make the change which they were things. They participated in the revivals which followed the Great awakening, their number was obviously equal to men, but there were no particular women's consciousness, and no particular female role, seems to have emerged. .
             The second phase was the female evangelism of the Second Great Awakening of 1797-1840. These time women still played a role who helped in fostering revivals, and women's deep respect took on a job that was directed especially against the men who were not pious enough in their standards. In the latter half of the nineteenth century, although women's religious activity began to beyond the way they used to do, they liked a such young baby who could not be independent from the parent. Women were continuing as they often to do to be based in the church.

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