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The Use Of Smokeless Tobacco In College And High School

            The use of smokeless tobacco has become a past time of many young men. This problem has increased in the past two or three years. When you use smokeless tobacco it is as dangerous as smoking is. This is a giant problem in high school and college campuses. The use of this type of tobacco needs to stop because there are too many health risks involved in the use of it. If you start using it sometimes you cannot stop it.
             There are two types of smokeless tobacco that are commonly used. They are Snuff and Chewing tobacco. Snuff is a finely ground or shredded form of tobacco, that is put in between the lower lip and the gum in your mouth. Chewing tobacco is the tobacco leaf that is rolled up and placed in the cheek pouch. Snuff comes in a small round tin can and Chewing tobacco comes in a pouch like packaging. The nicotine is absorbed into your blood stream from placing the snuff in between your lip and gum. The tobacco it self puts small cuts in your mouth and then the nicotine is absorbed into the blood stream. After you put the tobacco in your mouth you have to spit this dark tobacco juice out. If you where to swallow it then you would have a stomach ache and most likely throw up from it. When you start to absorb the nicotine it cause you to have a small buzz, .
             This small buzz is almost like you are drunk. This feeling does not happen all the time though. The longer you chew then the buzz starts to go away. This is when you start to put more tobacco in your mouth so that you can still get the buzz. By putting more in it may cause you to become addicted faster. When you first start out chewing tobacco or using snuff they have brands that have less nicotine and ones with more nicotine. After you have lost the buzz from the one with less nicotine you move on to the one that has a greater amount of nicotine. The tobacco companies do this on purpose because they want the user to keep buying their product.

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