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The Scorpion

             Exclusive interview with Bayushi Shoju (Daimyo of the Scorpion Clan).
             Q- Bayushi Shoju many believe that Scorpions are nothing but liars, thieves and assassins. How does your clan contribute to the empire?.
             A-"The other clans do not know the devotion with which we serve. They think we are like them, involved in petty squabbling. The Crab maybe stronger, the Lion bolder, the Dragon wiser, the Phoenix better at magic, - But all their great powers, they use to further their own ends. No one serves the emporor as the Scorpion does." - direct quotation.
             Q-Bayushi Shoju can you please tell me why you wont let anyone see your real face?.
             A-"It is the way of my Clan. We are the masters of secrets, it gives me the element of surprise against my opponent. They often fear the unknown. Fear is a weakness.".
             Q- Shoju, can you please describe how you fell towards your son who is not really your son?.
             A- "Although I am not his birth father, I raised him and taught him the way of the Scorpion. He is my son. I love him as I would my own.".
             Q- What was your reaction when it was decided by your council to end the imperial line?.
             A-"I was shocked when I realized this was the only way to prevent the return of the demon lord. The emporor and Scorpions have very close ties but of course I am willing to sacrifice my honour for the good of the empire, it is our sworn duty.".
             Q- How do you feel about Totori of the Lion?.
             A- "Totori is a master strategist. Unparalleled in the art of war. He is the only man in all of Rokugan who worries me.".
             Activity D).
             What happens to the main charecters after the book ended? (over the next year).
             Sotorri (demon lord disguised as the new emporor) suspected Katchiko (mother of Scorpions whom he made empress) was organizing his assassination so he had his way with her, than ordered her execution. He sent his forces to strip the "traitors" of their homelands.
             Totori of the Lion was dismissed from court for the last time.

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