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The Tibet Question

             What is the "Tibet Question"? This controversy is raising the eyebrows of many people in the world. The "Tibet Question" is simply Tibet's right to be independent. Should China have the right to call Tibet part of China or is Tibet it's own country? The Tibetan people deserve a right to self-determination and independence against the rule of the People's Republic of China and should be able to unify themselves to become their own country. The "Tibet Question", the long-standing conflict over the political status of Tibet in relation to China, is a conflict about nationalism, where its all about control of a territory, about who rules it, who lives there, and who decides what goes on there. In order to understand the problem in Tibet, we would have to learn some things about it. One would be its history, especially with the Mongols. The second would be the consequences of the Chinese military invasion and occupation in Tibet. The last thing would be it's future. .
             Tibet's independence from China, an ongoing issue to this day, dates back to the thirteenth century during the Mongolian Empire. While people actively debate over this controversy, examination of the relationships between the Mongols, Tibet, and China makes it quite evident that Tibet is not part of China. Tibet is a rightfully independent nation that was never inherited by China from the Mongols. .
             The relationship between the Mongols and Tibet was unlike that between subject and ruler. Tibet was not conquered by the Mongols as other nations were. Genghis Khan was conquering country and country, the leading nobles and abbots of Tibet feared they would be next. They made an offer of submission and accepted Mongol overlordship. Genghis didn't exercise his authority over the Tibetans. Since the Mongols were fascinated by the Sakya sect of Buddhism, they appointed Sakya Pandita, the most important Tibetan Lama of Genghis" day, to be in charge in Tibet (Richardson, 33).

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