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The Tragic Hero Of Antigone

             Sophocles" Antigone is the story of the battle between Antigone and Creon and their different views on laws placed by man and those placed by gods. Antigone is the classic tragic hero in the Greek tragedy. She has good intentions throughout the entire play; her one downfall is her tragic flaw of pride and being driven by emotions. Antigone is the daughter of Oedipus, the king, and she truly belongs in the high position of princess in the royal family of Thebes. .
             Antigone has good morals and intentions throughout the play. She wants to see justice served even if she has to disregard the laws of man. "I never thought your mortal edicts had such force that they nullified the laws of heaven" (Antigone 210). She knows that without a proper burial, which is demanded by the gods, the gods in heaven will not accept Polyneices. Although Antigone is disobeying her king, she is very loyal to her family and the ones she loves. When Creon orders for Antigone and Ismene to be executed Antigone takes all the blame to save her sister. "She and her sister will not now escape the utmost penalty" (Antigone 211). "I did it too" says Ismene, but Antigone retorts with "That is not true you do not share with me, nor did I grant you partnership" (Antigone 214).
             Antigone is very prideful and she is also driven by her deep emotions, this is her tragic flaw. We see her pride when she does not let Ismene claim any responsibility of the burial and when she tells Ismene that she does not want her help. "I would not want you as a partner even if you asked" (Antigone 194). Antigone also has problems thinking straight because she reacts based solely on what her emotions tell her to do, instead of taking a well thought out course of action. When she hears of Creon's creed to deny Polyneices burial she immediately goes against Creon. A better plan of action would have been for Antigone to address Creon about her feelings instead of immediately disobeying his law, the law of man.

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