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Travel Destination - Ireland

             The region I have chosen is Ireland. I chose to do Ireland because my family.
             is from Ireland and I wanted to learn more about this country. I also have a good.
             understanding of what the people of Ireland are like, and what the country is like.
             What attracted me to choose this area is the fact that my grandparents grew up in.
             Ireland and have told me many stories about what the country is like. My family has.
             been planning on traveling to Ireland in the near future which is another reason why.
             I wanted to research it.
             Region in Perspective.
             Ireland is an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Ireland is made up of two countries.
             The Republic of Ireland, which occupies about five sixths of the island. And.
             Northern Ireland which occupies the rest of the island. Ireland lies across the Irish.
             Sea from Great Britain. .
             Ireland covers 27,137 square miles. It measures a maximum distance of 273.
             miles from north to south. and 186 miles from east to west. Ireland consists of four.
             provinces: Leinster, Munster, Connaught, and part of Ulster.
             Cultural Components.
             The Irish are descendants primarily of the ancient Celts, but Viking, and.
             Normans, and English contributed to the ethnic nature of the people. Centuries of.
             English rule largely eliminates the use of ancient Gaelic, or Irish language. Since.
             Ireland became independent in 1922, the government had attempted to revive Gaelic.
             by requiring its use in schools. English is the dominant language in the education.
             system and is spoken throughout Ireland except in certain areas of the west coast.
             About 96 percent of the people are Raman Catholics. Most of the rest are.
             Anglicans and belong to the Church of Ireland. The nation has no official religion.
             Roman Catholic priests and nuns are commonly seen in cities and villages.
             throughout the country.
             In the early 1980's about 56 percent of Ireland's people lived in urban areas.
             The importance of cities has grown, especially since the late 1950s when the.

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