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Tim Leary

             Thesis Timothy Leary tried to teach others of the potential of .
             mind-expansion, but was constantly halted.
             II. Background.
             A. Birth.
             B. College Education.
             C. Career.
             D. Turning Point.
             III. Discovered Drugs .
             A. First Trip.
             B. Encounters LSD .
             C. Loses Job.
             IV. Continues Experiments.
             A. Founds Base of Operations.
             B. Law Trouble.
             V. Enters The Age of "High" Technology.
             A. New Companies.
             B. New Ideas.
             C. Death.
             VI. Conclusion.
             A. Restate Thesis.
             B. Final Thoughts.
             Guru of psychedelic utopians, Messiah of LSD, teacher of mind-expansion. .
             Timothy Leary received a number of such titles and references throughout his life. Most.
             known for his experimentation with drugs and introducing America to the psychedelic era.
             of the 1960s, psychologist and author Timothy Leary originated the once-popular phrase,.
             "Turn on, tune in, drop out." Which could mean turn on to mind-expansion, tune into the.
             world around, and drop out of the restraints of the reality others live in. Leary tried to.
             teach others of the potential of mind-expansion, but was constantly halted.
             Timothy Francis Leary was born on October 22, 1920, in Springfield,.
             Massachusetts. He grew up in an Irish-Catholic home. He began his college studies at the.
             Jesuit Holy Cross College in Worchester, Massachusetts, but only stayed a little over a.
             year. "The scholastic approach to religion didn't turn me on," Leary later explained in.
             Playboy Magazine. Instead, he continued his college education at the United States.
             Military Academy at West Point. Again, he only stayed 18 months, and he spent half of.
             the time in punitive isolation for breaking the rules. He spent the majority of the time in.
             isolation reading Eastern Philosophy and studying Buddhism. In 1942, he finally received.
             his bachelor's degree form the University of Alabama. He went on to serve as a.
             pschologist at a U.S. Army Hospital in Pennsylvania during the last years of World War II.

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