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             On June 13, 2003 my friend Jim's mom asked me if I could take a look at her computer. She knows that I am going to school in the computer field and thought that I might be able to figure out why her computer had a text file that appeared on the desktop. I opened the text file and read it. The file stated that the computer had been hacked by the great indian from india. The hacker put a password ripper on her computer and another text file that gave a list of people who were emailed from Ann's email account. The hacker also put a website address on the computer and a note that said, "If you want to find out information about us go to HDC." I was curious to find out more about hackers and went to the web address the hacker left, www.hackers.com. I found a lot of information about hacking on the site. The site explains the reason people hack and how to get started hacking.
             Revelation from hackers.com explains that hacking is the act of penetrating computer systems to gain knowledge about the system and how it works. Hacking is illegal. Revelation said, "We demand free access to all data, and we get it; This pisses people off and we are outcasted from society. In order to stay out of prison we must keep our status of being a hacker a secret." They can't discuss their findings with anyone for fear of being punished. Revelation says that they are punished for wanting to learn. Why is the government spending time and money to arrest hackers when there are other much more dangerous people out there. On HDC it say that hackers don't pose a threat to anyone. They are not out to hurt people or their computers. There are a few hackers out there that deliberately damage computers. Revelation hopes that one day people will believe them when they say that all they want is to learn.
             HDC has a list of things a person needs to start hacking. The first thing a person needs is the obvious, a computer. You need terminal software which allows a computer to dial out to another system.

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