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Indigenous Sovereignty in Aotearoa - New Zeland

            Maori requirements for tino rangatiratanga and cultural growth are not being met within New Zealand's current model of state. .
             The New Zealand parliament consists of three branches. Firstly, the Executive which consists of the Ministers who are in Cabinet. This group "takes almost all significant government decisions" (http://www.elections.govt.nz /elections/ resources/glossary_a-h.html) and is responsible for policy making. .
             New Zealand has a unicameral House of Representatives, the second branch, home to the 120 Members of Parliament elected, or appointed in the case of list Members, under a Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) system. This branch is responsible for, among other things, "enacting laws [and] allocating funding for government agencies and services" (www.elections.govt.nz/general/index.html). .
             The third branch is the Judiciary. "It holds the balance between the power of the state and the rights of citizens" (http://www.decisionmaker.co.nz/Guide /BigPicture/BigPicture.asp?Int_PageID=19). The judiciary is an independent body responsible for implementing the laws and this is role supported by the New Zealand court system.
             It is the role of the state to control the people and the resources. The state does this by collecting revenue, largely through taxation, from the people and redistributing it "to create and support the coercive and administrative priorities" (Skocpol, 1979 cited by Durie, A 2002) of the state. Different political parties have different priorities and each party, theoretically, has a chance of being the government because New Zealand is a democracy. .
             However, power and democracy are numbers games. Some groups will never be the majority, will never have the numbers, so will never be in power and will not have a chance to control the finances required to support their priorities. This is true for Maori in New Zealand and their quest for tino rangatiratanga. .
             Maori make up 14.

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