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Use Of The Term Death In The Bible

            Good men must die, but death can not kill their names.
             How the Term Of Death Has Developed In The Bible .
             Throughout human history, people have refused to accept the finality of death that is bringing about by life. Death, perceptively, brings an unacceptable interruption into one's life. Though the inscription on many gravesites read, "Rest In Peace", the truth of the matter is that most people do not welcome the peaceful rest of a tomb. We as humans and God's creation would rather be alive and active. Due to this, it is no surprise that the subject of death and the possibility of an afterlife always have been a very important concern in our various religions. Death became a cornerstone of religion. Death is a fact of life that is the basis of much religious meaning. .
             Even at the end of life, we tend to deny the harsh reality of death by embalming the dead and dressing them up. It seems as though they are going to some grand party in the heavens. Many believe that death is not an intrusion on life, but possibly a new beginning. .
             To millions and millions, the Bible is their comfort in the inevitability of death and where they"ll go when they pass on. Throughout the Bible, one can see the early transition of the term "Death". From an end of existence to a resurrection into eternal life. In my explanation, I will try to interpret this transition from the Book of Genesis all the way to the Book of Revelation. .
             The basic attitude of the Old Testament was that death was an inevitable event. Just as growing up and getting old is in life's processes. People felt fortunate if they could die after a long full life. It tackles questions such as: Where do we go when we die? Will my soul, if I have one, live on? Why do some people die and not others? Such questions have long baffled the religious faithful and secular world alike.
             The teaching of the Bible on death can be broken down into four main opinions.

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