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Twin Psychology

             The miracle of twins never ceases to amaze me. The concept of a life shared between two is almost incomprehensible. To have some one so close to you whose genetic code is almost identical to your own, must create an inexpressible bond. I was three when my mother was rushed to the hospital on the night of my third birthday to give birth to my two baby brothers. Angry from lack of sleep and ecstatic from excitement, the drive to the hospital on the morning of April seventh is forever imprinted in my mind. Perhaps because our adjoining birthday or maybe just because I have great brothers, we have become extremely close. The fact that they are twins isn't something I disregard like most families learn to do over the years. It is always prominent in my thoughts as I plague them with questions regarding their relationship. I have wondered forever what it would be like to live in their shoes and hope to unwind a little bit about their genetics and what it is that makes them tic.
             I was always intrigued by the fact that mother nature could create two of a kind, but it wasn't until recently that I began to wonder about the scientific combination of their genetics and how interconnected their minds were. Every night before bedtime, I have stood with Colin and Drew in front of the bathroom mirror to brush our teeth and been in awe of the fact that they look so surprising like the other in their reflection. Living with them for so long it has never been a problem telling them apart, but I constantly find that if I ever see one of their reflections that it appears to be the other one. When I told my mom what I had discovered she knew what I was talking about she said that she had read something about mirror-image twins. She wasn't able to provide me with any information though, and so I began my search.
             It started with my discovery of intelligence tests that were conducted on the boys when they were little.

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