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Untamed Heart

             The film I chose to watch is called " Untamed Heart ". It is a romance about man who has a heart condition who was once an orphan named Adam (Christian Slater) and his unconditional love and devotion for a waitress seeking love named Caroline (Marisa Tomei). This films emotional status's along with symbolism and simple yet perfect use of camera angles took feelings of love that the viewer has on the film and its characters to a whole new level. .
             In the opening scene we see Adam early in his childhood as an orphan watching another orphan being taken to his new parents. The following scene is of Adam looking up at the sister while she is telling him the story behind his heart condition and how a Baboon in the jungle sacrificed his heart for his once poor heart. It is these first two scenes that lead you to wonder about Adam. Especially the point-of view camera angle. By watching what he is watching the viewer gets more feeling from the character. At first I felt sympathy for Adam because the way the director portrayed him as a lonesome orphan then adult who was born with a heart condition. Then towards the end I felt elevated feelings of compassion and excitement for the love that Adam and Caroline established. Through emotional acting and using simple shot/reverse shot, close-up shots, and point-of-view shots the viewer slowly forms a sympathetic bond with Adam and Caroline. These shot techniques grasp the viewers" attention toward the unconditional love and strong bond between Adam and Caroline throughout the movie. This bond is something everyone wants or needs, it's the connection that Adam creates with Caroline and lets her into his heart. This is one aspect on how the viewer can identify with the character. The director also used certain symbols that signified Adam and Carolines love for one another. For instance, in the beginning of the movie Adam cuts his hand and Caroline immediately bandages him up and by using a close-up shot we see her hands on top of his rubbing them gently to soothe the pain.

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