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Youth and Image

            Young people need a sense of belonging. Over time they have identifies with; the bodgies in the 50's, The hardcore rock n rollers of the 60's, The hippies of the 70's, The punks of the 80's, and the skaties of the 90's.
             And now in the current year of 2002, there are all these groups combined together, plus many more so called individual groups.
             I wish to say a hello to all the young articulate people's of today's socially segregated society and put forward to you this argument. It is hard for the youth of American society to be truly individual, that's if they want to be, but the fact of the matter is, most don"t. The percentage of young people strive to be connected or to be involved in some sort of group. Despite the fact that the youth of America hold the idea that they want to be truly individual and independent, they still continue to strive to be some part of a central discourse.
             There is a major role that is played by the peer group or groups that one associates with. Adolescents are in one of lifes most complex transitions, and they handle it with varying degrees of grace and ease. An important source of support for adolescents-as well as pressure for behaviour that parents may disapprove - is their growing involvement with their peers.
             The peer group is a source of affection, sympathy, and understanding; a place for experimantation; and a supportive setting for the achievement of autonomy and independence from parents. It is no wonder, then, that adolescents like to spend time with their peers.
             Members of a peer group are constantly influencing and being influenced by each other. Even the most "nonconformists" are usually following very closely the customs of their chosen groups.
             Because of the number of parents that work full time adolescents are given more time to spend with their peers than in the past. Friendship and security that is given by peers provides a safety net for kids who are having emotional problems.

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