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A Midsummer Nights Dream Critique

            Critique of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
             I went to see Nevada Ballet Theatre's rendition of A Midsummer Night's Dream on Friday October 4, 2002 at UNLV's Judy Bayley Theatre. Bruce Steivel did the choreography for the show, and Felix Mendelssohn composed the music. .
             A Midsummer Night's Dream focuses around the tangled web of four lovers who are the subjects of Duke Theseus' court, and who get accidentally mixed up in the magical world of elves and fairies. Yoo Mi Lee and Dereck Townsend played the first set of lovers, Hermia and Lysander. Elena Shokhina and Baris Erhan played the second set of lovers, Helena and Demetrius. Some other important characters were Thesus, played by Aaron Orlowski, Hypolita, played by Clarice Geissel, Oberon, played by Kyu Dong Kwak, Titania, played by Natalia Chapourskaya, and Puck, played by Jordi Ribera. Each of these dancers skillfully portrayed their characters, both through their execution of the movements and their expressions of the feel of the music, throughout all three acts of the show.
             The first act took place in the court of Duke Theseus, and included a series of pas de deux and solos, which set the set the tone of the show and the relationships between the characters. The act began with the capture of Queen Hyppolita and her journey to the place of Theseus. At the palace court Demetrius is trying to gain the attention of Hermia, while dancing with the other girls in the court. In this scene the lighting is bright and set in yellow orange tones, which reflects the light carefree atmosphere of the palace. The costumes of the subjects were beautiful and flowing with the adornment of sequence. This helped convey the upper class palace setting feel and the overall high society status of the attendees. .
             Following the Queens arrival at the court and her subsequent attempt at escape, she and Theseus dance a pas de deux in which their relationship is established.

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