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A Muscular Pony

             The ultimate dream of every American 16 year old is to have their own, custom ordered eye.
             catching car roll off the assembly line and into their driveway. The Mustang has developed a.
             reputation over the past 37 years that can conger up images of speed and elegances in every.
             American's eye. After get approval from Ford to build a new car to capture an aging market, the.
             baby boomers, the team of designers got started. The actual modeling of the car only took 11.
             days . The design was so ground breaking,that the car won the Gold Medal Tiffany Award for.
             Excellence in American Design, making it the only car to ever earn such an award.(pic 1) The.
             ultimate American muscle car must be distinguished, easily modified to fit the owners' personality,.
             and be able to remind the owners of America and it's long heritage that it has with America with.
             its design. The Ford Mustang is, as it has been since its introduction in April of 1964, the ultimate.
             American Muscle Car because of its inherent design. .
             Ford's design of the car, when the car was introduced and still today, caught the attention of the.
             country. Ford used major venues to introduce the Mustang to attract the attention of the world.
             The introduction of the car at the World's Fair of 1964, to the use of the Mustang on a number of.
             occasions as a pace car for the Indy 500(pic 2), Ford has continuously displayed the Mustang in.
             high profile situations. The design also allows today, just as it did when it was introduced in April.
             of 1964, for customized ordering packages from the factory. By allowing the general public to.
             tailor the car to there needs or wants, this allowed the cars to generate their own unique traits.
             The fact that you could have two Mustangs of the same year sitting side by side and be.
             completely different was essential in creating the image of a muscle car.(pic 3) It sends a message.
             to the people who see the Mustang that you can't ever assume anything and, that it could be the.

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