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Abraham Lincoln

            Abraham Lincoln was a very great man. He did many great things for our county. Abe Lincoln showed great leadership and he brought our country to a whole. If not for him, our country might still be divided today.
             Abraham Lincoln was born in Hardin, Kentucky on February 12, 1809.
             Currently the county of Larue. His father, Thomas, and grandfather, Abraham Lincoln were born in Rockingham County, Virginia. His other ancestors had come from Berks, Pennsylvania. The family was originally of the Quaker religion, but had fallen away from the faith (American Presidents.com).
             Thomas was the youngest son, and was also a wanderer. He was a hard working man, but grew up with out an education. He could not write more than to sign his name, and this came with great difficulty. He wandered from place to place looking for work, and by the time he was 28 years old he had landed in Kentucky. He married Nancy Hanks, the mother of young Abe, in the year 1806 (Home.att.net/Lincoln).
             Abraham had an older sister that passed away after she was married. He also had a younger brother who died as an infant. Before leaving Kentucky Abraham attended two A.B.C. schools for a very short period of time. He was taught by Zach Riney and Caleb Hazel (The History Place).
             At this time he was living on Knob Creek, three miles south of Atherton's Ferry on the Rolling Fork River. When Abraham was eight years old he and his family moved to Spencer County, Indiana. This was in the fall of 1816. The reason for the move is unknown, but some say it was because of the slavery issue in Kentucky. Others say it was because getting a land title in Kentucky was very difficult (Askjeeves.com).
             In Spencer County the family settled into an unexplored forest. They cleared the land, which was a difficult task. Although Abraham was very young, he was of great size for his age. He had an ax put into his hands, and became very skilled at using it (The History Place).

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