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Alice In Wonderland

            For my last reaction paper I have decided to read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland which was written by Lewis Carroll. The story starts with Alice sitting outdoors with her sister when she notices a white rabbit with a pocket watch. Fascinated by the rabbit she follows it and soon finds herself falling down a hole. She then finds that she is in a long hallway full of doors. She manages to get out of the hallway by eating a piece of cake with a note that tells her to eat it. The cake made her extremely small and she managed to slip through a door. She then enters a wooded area where she bumps into many strange creatures and people. She bumps into a Caterpillar that would give her some valuable advice about Wonderland. He then gives her a mushroom that can make her grow larger and smaller as she wishes depending on what side she ate. This will become a valuable tool for Alice while she is on her adventure. While in the woods she comes across a little house and shrinks herself down enough to get inside. This is where she encounters a Duchess and the Cook battling fiercely. Alice next meets the Cheshire cat that helps her find her way through the woods, but warns her that everyone she meets will be mad. Alice enters the March Hare's house where she is treated to a Mad Tea Party. Alice leaves the tea party and finds a tree with a door in it. This is where she started her adventure and goes through another door where she ends up in the garden of the Queen of Hearts. The Queen invites Alice to play croquet, which is a very hard game in Wonderland, as the balls and mallets are live animals. Alice soon encounters more strange creatures such as the Gryphon and the Mock Turtle. The Gryphon then drags Alice to see the trail of the Knave of Hearts. The Knave of Hearts has been accused of stealing the tarts of the Queen of Hearts. Alice is extremely upset by the proceedings and begins to grow larger until she is huge.

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