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Folklore in Medicine

             Many years ago before technological advances were made in the medical industry, people had to rely on folklore medicine, such as herbal remedies. These remedies are also still used today, but are often questioned to whether they actually have any effect. This also gives rise to many different opinions on whether tradition is better than pharmaceutical methods.
             An argument that has arisen for these remedies that is that they are very resourceful. Using these remedies that involve belief and such things as flowers etc means that no extra labour or funding is required. People can also make the best out of what they have. Due to the fact that many people do not have a doctor's surgery just around the corner, they can make their own remedies. Why should something like science change their beliefs and independence?.
             Arguments have been made against folklore medicine such as the fact that there is no real evidence that these remedies work medically, therefore producing false hopes. These remedies work on an idea called the Placebo Effect', which is where the healer believes that if the patient comes to him/her believing it will work, it in fact will help. However other people with negative beliefs against these remedies can speak to the patients, therefore lessening the patient's belief and therefore not allowing the remedies to work.
             Another negative argument towards these remedies is that technology has advanced so much that people tend not to believe in traditional methods, therefore preventing the placebo effect theory. Most people need proof behind their cure rather than use a remedy developed 400 years ago. People nowadays tend not to believe in these remedies and why should they reason to?.
             Medicine Discovery And The Nation's Health.
             Over the last century, there has been a huge increase in the medicines available to people. This, in most cases has had a positive effect on the nation's health by ultimately cutting down the death rate made by certain diseases.

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