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Alaskan Winters

             When most people think of winter they think of snowmen, hot chocolate, and lying by the fireplace. But, for others winter can be miserable, especially for me. In the winter daylight depletes, the cold is bitter, and the roads are unbearable. All these examples can be found in Alaska in mass amounts. Alaska is a beautiful place but not in the winter.
             In most places in the world, when winter arrives daylight leaves. Alaska's shortest day of the year is December 21, this is known as winter solstice. Alaskans only have about 5 to 6 hours of daylight on this particular day, and during these hours it always seems to be cloudy. After this day has passed we begin to gain a few minutes of daylight each day. This can be very depressing, and some people have to force themselves to be active so this does not affect them. Sometimes this causes a disorder known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Individuals with SAD usually need to be treated in a light booth to help them function and keep in good spirits. The lack of daylight in Alaska can be a huge impact on some individuals, as where in other states the loss of daylight is not as extreme.
             Secondly, Alaskan winters can be bitterly cold. I have lived places where it is cold in the winter, but I have never experienced anywhere colder than here. I remember days where I thought my eyes we going to freeze open, and I would never feel my toes again. It is so cold in Alaska cars have a trouble starting, and when they do they sometimes run poorly. The cold is a battle and it takes a strong person to conquer them. .
             Finally, the roads and drivers in Alaska are the worlds worst. Everyday in the winter, there are fatal wrecks. Wrecks that kill several people.

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