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Alfred Tennyson

            Alfred Tennyson was born in Somersby, Lincolnshire on August. He was an English poet who wrote many poems in his lifetime. He died on October. 6, 1892, he was 83 years old. Tennyson lived a very hard life, and this affected his poetry.
             Tennyson was born the fourth child to George and Elizabeth Fytche Tennyson. He had eleven brothers and sisters. Long before Tennyson was sent to school he was writing poetry to escape the unhappy atmosphere in Somersby. He used writing to take his mind off of all his troubles all his life. As he was a boy while he would be walking he would make up "phrases or discrete lines" and he would just remember them until he really needed them. When he was seventeen years old Poems by Two Brothers Volume one was published. For Tennyson to be such a young poet this was a really great book. It showed great versification and imagery. Those two things were to mark his later works. It sold many copies and it had only two reviews, but by its publication it was confirmed that Tennyson was determined to devote his life to poetry. He was home schooled and spent almost four years at grammar school, until he left to go to college in 1827. Tennyson was writing blank verse in the style of James Thomas wrote in. By the time he was eleven years old he had written "hundreds and hundreds" of lines that was imitating the pope. Tennyson was a narrative poet, and a dramatic poet. Before Hallam died he married Tennyson's younger sister Emily. After Hallams death Emily had got very sick, she stayed sick for about a year. Tennyson was very hurt, but he really didn't show it; but you could see it in his poem "In Memoriam." From the death of his father, Hallam, and the bad reviews of his poems, Tennyson was in isolation from the country. .
             He went to Trinity College, and there he was around young men that were around his age for the very first time in his life. Tennyson was very happy to make new friends; he was admired by a group of young men that was interested in poetry.

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